Professional Lice Removal

Head lice is known for being highly contagious, spreading from person to person in a variety of different ways, including brushes, combs, hats, hair clips, helmets, and head to head contact. These pesky parasites can appear any time of year, in any climate, and are counted as one of the top three reasons why kids miss school.

Though head lice may seem like an embarrassing problem for your child to have, it’s actually an extremely common phenomenon, especially in kids ages 3 to 12. Contrary to what many people assume, lice is not an indication of uncleanliness. In fact, they actually thrive in clean hair!

Lice Treatment

If you discover that your child has been exposed to head lice, schedule an appointment to get professional lice removal at our Los Angeles salon as quickly as possible. Left undetected, head lice can easily spread to your entire family as well as others, which will cause an even bigger mess to deal with!

Rather than trying to handle this problem on your own, Tipperary Kids can complete head lice treatment in as little as 2 to 3 visits. We understand the frustration a family may have during this time, which is why we will make the process as quick and discreet as possible. In addition, we offer a private setting in which our trained lice experts will remove all eggs and bugs from your child’s hair. As part of our commitment to keeping your child head lice-free, we will also educate your family about head lice prevention and aftercare.


Lice Removal Products

Over-the-counter head lice shampoos often contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to your child, of which many strains of head lice are actually immune to! By using Hair Fairies all natural and non-toxic lice treatment products, we can comb those little critters away for good in the safest and most effective way possible!

All about head lice removal treatment

The name of head lice is enough to send chills down the spine and the sudden outbreak creates a panic through the whole household. Head lice have become a general problem and the children are always the easy target of those nasty insects. These insects easily creep from one head to another, especially in schools where head to head contact is quite common. Every suffering family wants to get rid of this helpless situation and the expert team of head lice removal services Los Angeles understands this perfectly. They are always ready to take you out from the ordeal of having lice influx.

There are thousands of chemical treatments available in the market which promises to cure 99% of lice in just 7 days of time. A large number of people usually believe in them and start to apply. But unfortunately, they become tired with the lack of resulssand all their money gets wasted in no time. If your family is in serious trouble and wants professional help, then it is always better to consult head lice removal services Los Angeles with yesrs of professional lice removal salon experience. The services are 100% percent effective and they make sure to check every family member to present you with the detailed report.

What do they offer in their lice removal kit?

The head lice removal services Los Angeles may also be available with head lice removal kits. All products in the kit are totally safe and do not contain any lethal chemicals. The products that they offer in their kit are as follows.

• Lice removing comb

• Hair lice removing shampoo and liquid

• Conditioner to remove hair lice 

• Free scalp treatment to eradicate head lice naturally

• Fabric sprays to eliminate hair lice 

The lice removing procedure at head lice treatment Los Angeles:

The lice removing treatment at head lice removal services Los Angeles are simple and customer friendly. They offer you a single treatment and will give you a 30-day money back guarantee. They always make use of scientifically proven methods where they apply all the herbal and non-toxic elements. The method is perfectly designed to clear the hair from head lice carefully, swiftly and thoroughly. Your hair will be checked multiple times during the treatment procedure to give you lice free result.

The lice removal Santa Monica is also known for their 100% success rate. They will readmit you if you are there in school with no lice strategy. These beneficial factors have made this head louse removing service so popular. 

The advantages at lice removal salons Los Angeles:

Our step by step consultation helps to know about the specific problem. Combing is always the key to success in head lice problems. No matter which product or procedure you use, you have to comb your hair at least thrice a day. The element that the lice removal salons of Los Angeles use is completely herbal and there are no toxic chemicals or pesticides. These harsh substances not only damage the hair but boost the egg secretion of the lice. 

The head lice removal services Los Angeles also has special lice removing treatment and that are wet head lice check. This is by far the most precise way to decide if a hair lice invasion exists. You will find no sulphates or parabens in their checking ingredients and this is totally safe for babies, older persons, and pregnant women. We will also offer you a free of charge lice removal education at our salon in Los Angeles.

Our charges and payment options:

The head lice removal services Los Angeles doesn’t charge their customers by the hour. There is always a certain amount care with each of their treatment sessions. All their treatment rates are based on the hair growth and length respectively. This kind of charging plan makes their customer happy as they don’t make them wait for hours to earn a handful of money. All their rates are quite affordable as compared to other head lice removal companies in the adjacent area. They are also available with different types of payment options and they don’t conclude any kind of rules and regulations as well. 

If your child or any family member is suffering from head lice trouble, then you can easily give the head lice removal services Los Angeles a try.

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