Baby Haircuts

A baby’s first haircut is a momentous occasion for both parents and the child. As a parent, you want to take your child to a Los Angeles area salon that has the experience and know-how to provide your child the best possible ‘“first haircut” experience. Tipperary Kids goes leaps and bounds to make your child’s time at our salon as fun and enjoyable as possible!

For some parents, determining the best time for a child to receive their first haircut can be difficult to discern. Perhaps your decision will be based on how long your child’s hair is, how thick it is, or the style of hair you prefer them to have. If you’re not certain whether or not the time is right, you can bring your child in to Tipperary Kids to get an opinion from one of our professional kid’s stylists.

Tipperary Kids hair salon understands how and why a baby’s first haircut is an incredibly special experience. At our exciting hair salon, your child is sure to have a blast with our stylists and enjoy the process from start to finish! In addition to offering a fun and relaxing atmosphere, we will mark this event by saving a "Precious Lock" of your childs hair along with taking a picture to preserve this milestone in your baby’s life.

Located in Beverly Hills, just a short drive away from the Los Angeles and Santa Monica area, Tipperary Kids is a trusted salon you can turn to for your baby’s first haircut.

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